Shelby Burns


As an active outdoors woman and full-time traveler, Shelby Burns considers herself a “Professional Fun-Haver.” Born with a passion to share her adventures, Shelby has been experimenting with photography and making “vlogs” from a very young age. One of her goals as a kid was to become a Youtuber. After graduating college in 2019, Shelby moved 3,000 miles across the country to become a ski instructor before moving to a city to get her first “real” job. Soon after, at the start of the pandemic, Shelby lost her job. Without realizing what was to come, she accidentally made her dream of becoming a content creator come true when she downloaded TikTok and started to document her life. Now, through connecting with others on social media, she aims to inspire her viewers to discover the same joy that she has found through travel and outdoor spaces.