Manny Becerra

Founder & Strategic Partner, Bristlecone Labs

Manny, a proud Nevadan and entrepreneur, is passionate about sustainable, purpose-driven partnerships, innovation and knowledge sharing. His diverse career has spanned public and private sectors, including higher education, entrepreneurship, impactful roles at Tesla, and serving as a planning commissioner for Reno’s Ward 3, his childhood neighborhood. One of his guiding principles, “Human-led, AI-assisted,” underscores his approach to integrating emerging technologies like AI with his rich experience to foster inclusive, sustainable advancements in Nevada’s tourism, education, development and innovation sectors. 

Manny looks forward to the Rural Roundup Conference, eager to share insights and learn from others across Nevada, aiming to elevate both rural and urban communities. 

Fun tidbit: Over a decade ago, Manny founded a community and coworking space in Reno,  which became a launching pad for his work at Tesla in the digital experience and innovation space that began in 2012, predating the company’s official move to Nevada in 2014. The rest is history.