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Looking for that rare find or unique gem, you won’t leave empty handed. Great shopping and specialty stores abound.


Virginia City restaurants, eateries, snack and candy shops offer the variety to please every palate. From hot dogs to fine dining, café faire with traditional American cuisine to Tex-Mex or barbeque cooked on site, you won’t leave hungry. The “come as you are” mantra means it’s all about the experience.


No other type of business dominates the landscape of this historic mining town as our saloons, where during the town’s heyday there once were as many as 115 bars and saloons. Many saloons have maintained their 19th century appearance and stepping through the doors is like a time machine.

Mines & Mining History

Silver and gold made Virginia City an iconic mining town, one that will forever be recognized as one of the greatest. It also formed the character of Nevada, and to a greater extent, the nation as a whole.


Virginia City’s history comes alive with its 17 museums featuring the most striking moments in the town’s past, from Mark Twain’s eloquent writing to the critical importance of fire in the area, as well as the famous Madame Julia Bulette.


The Silver Terrace Cemeteries are a series of terraces dramatically located on a steep, windswept hillside of Virginia City. As this boomtown became a more permanent settlement, there was a need for a cemetery.